Tender Management

The European Union provides several tendering opportunities for accessing renewable energy sources, such as providing heating and cooling for local demand or building energy improvements.

Energy Audit

An energy audit, or loss assessment, is a study used examine the energy infrastructure of an establishment.

Project Planning And Management

Our recent experience and the varied demand from our clients have convinced us to focus on perfect implementation based on the best possible project planning. 


Our company offers a full range of services related to the construction and installation of solar systems.


Over time, the scope of activity of our company has expanded according to demands made by our clients to include the operation of several buildings and small solar power plants.

Expert Advice

Our experts are always ready to provide assistance to our clients concerning household-scale systems, small power plants or complex renovations of energy systems. 


The Working Process

Contacting Us

Our specialists are ready to answer enquiries from potential clients.

Project Ideas

We can implement ideas put forward by our clients or present an entirely new perspective.

Project Preparation

Upon preliminary demand assessment and consultation, we work together with our partners to prepare the ideal project plan, to lay the foundation of successful project execution.


Our engineers perform an energy assessment of the location, exploring the circumstances and opportunities. If necessary, we prepare a separate expert opinion on statics as well.


We have been providing services related to the exploitation of renewable energy since 2008. Our main activities include designing solar panel and BIPV systems and solar plants as well as preparing and executing complex renovations of energy systems.


We check on newly initiated systems after the implementation phase.









About Us

Entirely in Hungarian private ownership, our company was founded in 2008 to help meet demand in the renewable energy industry. In recent years, our company has continuously expanded its presence on the energy and renewable energy market. The main objective of Newergies Ltd. is to ensure wide-scale access to renewable energy sources for domestic consumers. 

Our company has carried out a large number of complex energy projects involving household-scale solar panel systems and small power plants with a capacity above 50 kW.

In 2015, we were first in the country to build a 500 kW solar power plant (in Jászágó) without EU funding. 

Covering 12,000 square meters, the Jászágó solar power plant is made up of 2,000 polycrystalline solar cells with a total output capacity of 550-580 thousand kWh per year, enough for more than 200 homes. It provides enough energy for the entire settlement. Currently, the energy that is produced is sold to the electricity supply network. The investment in the power plant will see returns within 10 years, while its planned service life is 35 years. 

In 2013, we used Leader funding to create a pilot project including two solar trackers and a fixed solar panel system. 

Currently, we are engaged in the design and execution of several 500 kW capacity systems. Our experience indicates that demand for small solar plants as an investment opportunity is on the rise. Such investments require accurate planning and preparation by experts. 

Newergies Ltd employs a reliable team of professionals including solar panel engineers, civil engineers and researchers as well as financial and marketing advisors.

All of them work together to ensure one thing:
your satisfaction!



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